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Shipping of pharmaceutical products via airfreight is extremely complex, and it can be difficult to find the right solution.

Lifesaving products need to be shipped with constant temperature and appropriate handling. Lack of knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of the total system for a safe and reliable supply chain via airfreight can lead to damage or destruction of lifesaving products.

Not all the actors in the supply chain; freight forwarders, handling companies and airlines have the same goals and, in some cases, don’t know the requirements for correct and safe handling of pharmaceutical products.

As an independent advisor I will guide you through the various steps in the chain so you can make the right decision!

“If you love doing what you do, there is no reason to stop!”

That is the main reason why I decided to continue my work after my retirement as an independent advisor. The main picture on this site reflects my two passions: flying gliders and airfreight. The picture was taken during a photo-session at the tarmac of Luxembourg airport with my glider in front of a large Boeing 747-8 Full Freighter

All pictures are originals, representing legacy-Panalpina, taken at my favorite airports Luxembourg-Findel and Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. The building at Schiphol is the one where my personal-healthcare career began, the picture of the boxes represents my first pharmaceutical-customer. Panalpina Luxembourg was the first GDP-certified-location globally ever. The Boeing 747-8 full freighter is the plane that carried my first customer from the US to Europe.

My websites’ theme is a tribute to the company that was truly admired in our industry and does no longer exist. The name and its legacy will live forever in the hearts of so many…